Plagktos is an exploration base
that makes cinema its playground
Our previous research has focused on , ou . We don't have a home base, we work in places like ,  and there. here and there.

Lately we have opened our eyes wide to this.1 We also like ,  and writing chronicles for the radio. While waiting to see you again, we're preparing the sequel by setting up a floating screen.

Contact us like this.

1copyright There are films extracts and images protected by copyright on this website. We share them here with the idea of introducing authors and filmmakers we love with a wider public but of course if you are the rights holders and wish we remove them from the website, do not hesitate to contact us.
image d'un bateau

This traveling cinema project will take place on the Techotsukumogami sailboat, a experimetal field station mixing artistic and scientific practices. It will emerge during the Yo'Kaai project, and will make a first stop at Grimbergen to then continue sailing, in the first instance, along the Willebroeck canal.